Sunday, June 28, 2015

My (retro) bridal shower!!!

Where to begin...

I have a lot of photos to share; I vow to (mostly) let them speak for themselves.

Then again, I do treat this as an online journal of sorts... 

Get ready for a long one ;-)

Let me start by saying: this was one of my favourite days of my whole life.

My beautiful bridesmaids (Sam, Laura, Sandra and Cara) planned the most wonderful afternoon I could ever imagine.

All of my girls know just what I love: vintage clothes, retro hair, cocktails (bonus if they come in a vintage glass!), great food, personal details and COLOR.

My bridal shower just happened to encompass all of these things.


Thirty of my closest friends and family gathered together yesterday afternoon to celebrate my bridal shower.

This was our table. Isn't it lovely? It felt so whimsical and sweet with the wind.

Centrepieces included pink and yellow roses, retro candy, and coloured markers for the upcoming games. 
Our table also included prizes! My girls added sweet little quotes to the wrapping paper of each gift to make them more special.

This green wrapping paper was my favourite. I wish I could have taken it home... Not the prize... Just the paper...

Then again... You all know that yellow has my heart. 
Now let's talk about our meal... which was out of this world!

My mom completely outdid herself. Lasagna, risotto, seafood. My dad barbecued all morning. My future mother-in-law brought side dishes, like potato salad. 

We also had four types of desert...

There was no shortage of food. And it was all fantastic! 

Thank you mama for working so hard yesterday. 

Are these not the cutest cupcakes you have ever seen?!

They look like milkshakes. I'm dead.

Bring me back to the 50s. Preferably to a 50s diner.
And these straws!

I am going to dream about this retro theme (complimented by so much fruit) forever!
My daddy served cocktails and wine. He refused to have his picture taken ("I'm too busy!"), so this was the result... Hehe.

After the party was over, he brought my girls on a tour of the barn. He is so proud of it.

I love my dad so much.
Now let's talk games!

Food, drinks and details aside, our afternoon was so much fun.

Each of my bridesmaids hosted one or more games, and they were absolutely hilarious. 

A *little* embarrassing for Graham... Good thing he wasn't there ;-).

Here are some pictures:

Laura's game: everyone had to guess who said what (bride vs. groom).

Sam had a perfect score. My aunt failed miserably. This one was absolutely hilarious
For one of Sam's games, everyone tried to memorize the (crazy) contents of my apron. My cousin won; she had remembered 23 items!!!

Bonus: once everything was removed, I fell in love with my apron! It's yellow and adorable.

Sam had it made for me. The heart-shaped pocket says "Mrs. Nesbitt"

I'm serious.

Guess I'm changing my last name to match my apron...

I'm kidding...
Chatting with my daddy and cousin. They served us all day, and made us laugh all the while.

(I mostly posted this picture because Laura looks so, so cute!)
Happy lady.
Another one of Sam's games: everyone had to guess how old I was in each photo.

Funny enough, I couldn't remember my age in a single one...

Now, before we wrap up, let's talk about my favourite part. 

The people. 

My amazing mama, my hilarious aunt, my incredibly generous, outgoing cousins. My sweet, future mother-in-law:

And finally, these amazing ladies:

Laura, the sweetest (also cutest) human being I have ever known. You inspire me daily to be better than I am.
My bestie and her mama, Linda. They are among the strongest I have ever met. I love you both so much!

Tina, the most sentimental, sweet and generous person. So many special memories with you. So many more to come.
Mel, one of the most stunning, talented and creative ladies I know.
Em, the most fun, intelligent, independent woman. I love you to pieces!
Sandra, an incredibly special mama and friend. You teach me every single day.

(My face looks this way because I had two giant wads of bubble gum in my mouth: a result of answering questions about Graham wrong. Oops...)
And Sandra's sweet daughter, Isla. Our adorable flower girl. I love her so much.
Jessica and her girlies. Another one of the strongest women I know. A huge inspiration to me. 

I inadvertently described my friends in one-liners above (and this doesn't include my amazing family!)... I'm a tad emotional. But that wasn't fair.

There is so much more I could write about you ladies. It would never be enough.

I feel blessed beyond words to have so many kind, generous, intelligent, fun and impossibly hilarious ladies in my life. You make my life so happy and full. I am so grateful.

Here's to you lovelies.
Despite its excessive length, I can't wrap up this post without a special, final mention:

My best friend and maid of honour, Sam.

She dreamt up a theme near and dear to my heart. She spent hour upon hour shopping on Etsy, chatting with my mom, and making crafts. She arranged each detail, supported by my lovely bridesmaids.

She did all of this while battling breast cancer: going through chemo, a major surgery and radiation.

She was very sick up until about a week ago, when she began suddenly feeling better. She was able to not only partake in, but plan and execute the most beautiful bridal shower I could ever imagine.

I can't express the joy I felt as I watched her sip a cocktail, chat with everyone, and be the most outgoing girl at the party.

I would never discount her strength and spirit - because they are beyond anything I have ever seen - but I can only imagine this was God working.

Thank you Sammy, from the bottom of my heart. You are so much more special to me than this blog post could ever do justice.

The only thing more happy and fun than vintage clothes, beehives, and great food is having you safe and healthy by my side.

I love you all, my lovely girls. A special thank you to my friends and family who made it out yesterday. We missed you so much Diana and Cara.