Friday, April 17, 2015

This is my (boring) scrapbook.

For the past two months, I haven't felt inspired to write.

Difficult to admit, but I guess I haven't had much to say.

Things have been busy. Between working a full-time job (plus overtime), Graham's schedule (long hours at work, excessive amounts of playing hockey - no offence babe), planning a wedding, trying to organize and maintain our home, training Eggnog, spending time with close friends...

There hasn't been a whole lot of extra time to focus in on what I normally do to stay inspired:

Open all of the windows in our home; light a candle and listen to music
Look through old photos
Play with my Polaroid
Dream up a vacation
Practice yoga
Scroll through my Pinterest boards (what can I say? It works for me)
Read the archives of my favourite blogs
Watch wedding videos (this is embarrassing; Graham is laughing as he reads this. It is a regular occurrence for him to return home from work and find me (happy) sobbing in bed, watching complete strangers share their vows...)

It must sound a little silly, because these aren't necessarily things you should need to "make time for." But when you have spent the majority of your bus ride home (after a long, busy day) sending e-mails to wedding vendors, only to walk in the door and find a very excited puppy (major highlight, don't get me wrong!) who wants nothing more than to play for hours... The idea of anything other than Netflix once you're settled is kind of... unfathomable.

Okay, more than just Netflix:

Netflix and food. Netflix and food and washing my face. But that's all for real.

Given that I haven't been able to muster up the creative energy to write (and still can't), I certainly have not been investing any time or effort into my scrapbook.

I should however mention that I recently (and thoughtlessly) signed myself up for a new type of craft. Hand-writing envelopes:
"No, I do not want our address + the addresses of our guests typed on each RSVP + invitation envelope. It will be much more personal if I write them myself."
I wish I could punch this Kristina flat in the face. But I can't. Because my hands are too blistered from addressing so many envelopes.

All this to say: I know it has only been two months, but I haven't been writing (blogging or journaling). And I haven't been scrapbooking either. I'm concerned.

I really don't want to rely on Instagram for memory keeping.

When I look back, I would like to remember these past couple months for: wedding planning, praying for and spending time with our best friends (one of whom is in recovery!!!), making great strides at work, completing marriage courses, etc. But I would also like to remember: despite how busy we were, we were having the time of our lives!

Sure, I haven't been as creative as I normally am (and I wish I had more time to get into the swing of this whole... "owning a house" thing) but I'm happy. And I have been trying my best.

Alas, I present to you - you being me... later... when I revisit this - my scrapbook for the past two months (minus the creative writing, washi tape, and pretty paper):
Sam's last chemo (1/2)! A very special day. She looked so beautiful and strong as she rang that bell. Pictures are on her blog :)
Sam's last chemo (2/2)! I take everything too far... But I definitely received a lot of laughs.

One hilarious moment: Cara and I walked to Tim Hortons to pick a bagel up for Sam. The man working behind the counter asked: "Is that you on your shirt? Is that what you actually look like under that beard?!"

"No sir. I did not wear a shirt of myself today." Lol. 
El Camino with childhood besties: Laura, Vicki and Tina! 
Merrickville for Sunday dinner with Graham, Sam and Mr. Nogs. We laughed ALL day and managed to make some wedding related decisions. My brother, of all people, made the most romantic recommendation to us. We are SO taking it.

Corrado also insisted on taking 100 pictures with Sam. Only Sam (see below). 

Thanks dad. 

Date night (1/2): Getting dolled up for my babe!
Date night (2/2): One of the best date nights we've ever had. And it was so simple! I can't describe it.

It was our second time at the King Eddy, followed by late night drinks at Trio*... It was just really good...

*I drank all of the whiskey, as usual.
Funny story (1/2): These are my new glasses! What do you think? I ordered them online from BonLook and am *obsessed*... Partially because I waited for them for SO long (they were on backorder).

My fave bloggers (Elsie & Emma) made them in collaboration with BL.

Graham loves them too! Which makes me pretty happy :)
Funny story (2/2): These are the glasses that arrived in the mail... (not exactly what I had expected to find on my doorstep).

But I admit it... I kind of liked them! They are Keiko Lynn for BonLook. When I e-mailed BL to say: "Uh... these are not my glasses!" I received the most incredible service. They let me keep them since they were my prescription anyways! My actual glasses were on their way :)

Next on my list: SkunkBoy - Larissa Lake! So cute! Sparkly blue is perfect. They remind me of... (see picture and creepy caption below)

Ps. Graham is "working on" loving these big white cat eyes... 
Painting Easter eggs before Good Friday mass. I named the one sitting front and centre "Little Blue". She was my favourite. Can you tell my favourite colours are yellow and blue?

But instead of blowing them out, these eggs were hard boiled. So... after a day or two, they needed to be thrown out. I was kind of devastated...

I think Graham is vaguely concerned that I want to name our future daughter "Little Blue"... 
Easter Sunday mass was so special to us. When the priest read the verse: "But I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy," I felt blessed and so close to God.
Lazy Friday night in with beautiful Laura: This lovely lady always inspires me to put God first. We listened to Christian music for hours... and laughed at Eggnog (who I have never seen love anyone - other than Graham - the way he loves Laura).
I think that's all for now!

Let's dedicate the rest of April to getting inspired (or Netflix... still up in the air).