Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dreaming of a Dinner Party (Fiesta!)

Menu on our chalkboard wall in the kitchen :)
We did it! We finally hosted our very first dinner party.

(Took us long enough... We have been living in our first home since August.) 

For our theme - because there needs to be a theme - we went with "fiesta." 

I made sure to include a lot of colour throughout the dining and living room. 

We managed to eat six bags of colourful candy... That's a bag of candy per person... 

It is just occurring to me now how disturbing that is... 

Let's talk menu (pictured above):

As an appetizer, I made this jalapeño popper dip. I know, I know. I've mentioned it before. But my friends absolutely love it. My only adjustment involved omitting the green chiles. Spicy food is off-limits to Sam during her treatment.

Next came the main course. I made chipotle shrimp tacos, avocado salsa, and Mexican lasagna. Because these recipes were to a great extent invented in the moment - and scribbled down, in case they turned out (they did!) - I'll share them here sometime soon.
Finally putting my collection of vintage aprons to good use!
For drinks, the boys had beer and the girls had raspberry and blackberry mojitos. I acquired my new nickname: "slowest drink maker of all time."

I'm a perfectionist - what can I say?
Raspberry & blackberry mojitos for the girls!
My best move of the evening was getting ready before I started cooking. This isn't necessarily right for everyone; but it is definitely right for me. The truth is... I'm a fusspot. While cooking, I invariably take much longer than anticipated:
"I'll just quickly google how to slice an avocado. Even though it is going to be stirred up with lime juice, onions, tomatoes and garlic... and will ultimately resemble mush."
Yes. I am working on my perfectionism.

Buying dessert (donuts) was also one of my better moves. I was left with no spare time to bake come the arrival of our guests.

I should mention that I did prep my food in advance of getting ready. I prepared the jalapeño popper dip and marinated my shrimp. I popped them in the fridge before jumping in the shower. 

Lessons for next time: only one! Set the table in advance. Set it beautifully! It is the canvas for the meal you have been preparing all day (although I wouldn't exactly call this last meal "art"). It will make your life easier come time to serve (when your oven timer is beeping, the shrimp are burning, and the tortillas are no longer warm).

The end.

In other news... Here are two pictures unrelated to this post (just because).
Missing summertime and beach days! Not exactly enjoying the frigid cold in Ottawa. If you're reading this in a faraway place, please send warm vibes to my bestie.
And Eggnog in his new blue bandana... just because.
What are you making for dinner this weekend?


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  1. how cool! looks like fun & those mojitos look amazing!

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